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kc goes to sydney

May 25, 2010

KC confession: Australia wasn’t on my bucket list. New Zealand is, but I keep that to myself when people talk about their travel wish list.  Why?  Because if I say New Zealand, people scoff and say “it’s just like Switzerland, except they speak English”.  Hrmph.

With that said, after a whirlwind trip to Sydney, I felt bad it hadn’t been on my list.  Sydney isn’t the most exotic place you’ll visit, in fact, it all seemed rather familiar.  But the combination of the sun, the people, the views and for heaven’s sake…the food, made me wish I hadn’t been there for work so that I could have more time to explore.

So, what did I see?

It's easy on the eyes, that's for sure

And even prettier at night

And what did I eat?

What didn't I eat is a better question.

Eating/drinking highlights included:

  • Bourke Street bakery (second the left) for a rosemary-olive loaf that was heaven after it took a dip in some olive oil and spent some time on the grill.  KC note: They also apparently have a cookbook that is highly regarded and is now on my “things to buy in the USA list”
  • A trip to Sydney’s fish market to buy more seafood than 3 people should ever consider eating on their own for only $28.  Courtesy of spending an evening with a friend who lives there, I literally got to throw shimp on a barbie, who cool is that?
  • Ricotta hotcakes for brunch at Bill’s (recipe to come soon…) and picking at everyone else’s plate at the table.
  • Coffee, just about anywhere comes with the most lovely designs in the foam.  Who knew the Aussies were such baristas?
  • Pumpkin falafel at a Manly beach cafe with some of the best people watching in the world.
  • Bringing home a bottle of wine from Domaine Lucci–a vineyard that prides itself on its natural winemaking approach: biodynamic farming, no fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation and absolutely minimum sulphur addition.  It was a huge hit with Mr. KC.

So, with this post, I openly apologize to Australia for not including it on the bucket list.  To make up for it, I promise to come back.  Until then…

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