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What to serve at your Rapture dinner party

May 20, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. KC and I were running morning errands and stopped at Starbucks for a cup of joe. As I was walking in, I noticed a huge billboard cryptically implying that May 21st was gonna rock me. Okay, as the photo shows it didn’t exactly say that, but it did come with a biblical guarantee.

A billboard outside a Starbucks in one of the most liberal cities (we’re talking People’s Republic of Cambridge here people) made me wonder. What on earth was going to happen on May 21st? I asked my trusted friend Google who informed me that May 21st was, in fact, the scheduled date for the Rapture. If you aren’t acquainted with the details of the Rapture, I suggest you ask your friend Google as I have no intention of going into it here.

Panic set in. My goodness! How did I not know? Planning is in order. For the record, Emily Post does not have an official stance on this so don’t bother looking.

So, the dilemma. You can’t plan on everyone sticking around for the full dinner. In fact, in the event there is crazy loophole I don’t know about, there’s a remote possibility the chef won’t even be around to plate dessert. So, do you go buffet? Light finger foods to go-go? I just don’t know.

So, after a little thinking and some polling of friends. I decided, this is an occasion that calls for foods that taste better the next day (make-ahead foods) and a meal that serves dessert first. After all, if you’re not going to stick around for the whole time you’d be ticked if you didn’t get dessert, right? I figured it can be a backwards theme. Seemed appropriate.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not hosting a Rapture dinner party. In fact, more of my day will probably be spent running errands and cleaning house. Also, before I get angry comments, if you are ticked by the levity with which I treat the idea of the world ending tomorrow–you don’t have to come to my make-believe Rapture party, I’ll understand.

The backwards dinner party

The dessert: Rum cake, of course! It’s like a cocktail and dessert in one. Perfection on a plate.

The main course:  Moroccan vegetable stew. A stew seems like your best bet. Easy to prepare the night before and can be quickly reheated for quick serving.

The appetizer: Tuscan crostini.  A personal favorite of mine and will keep in the refrigerator overnight. You take it out in the morning to bring to room temperature and whoever’s left can easily serve themselves to this little treat with some toasted bread.

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