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kc goes to santorini

December 8, 2010

This week’s weather has dipped into the low 20s with winds gusting upwards of 40mph.  Posting this makes me an official masochist.  To think that just a few short months ago, Mr. KC and I were enjoying views like the above makes me cry a little on the inside.  Thankfully, we have a nice, newly decorated Christmas tree to ease the pain a bit.

Santorini is everything I expected the Greek islands to be, breathtakingly beautiful and chock full of tourists.  It’s not a criticism of Santorini per se, but just part of its reality.  You’re going to pay a pretty penny for your hotel room and have to nudge your way through crowds every now and again, but for views like this from your hotel room veranda, you realize why everyone puts up with it.

We stayed in Oia during our time there and I couldn’t have been happier.  We found a room at the lovely (but very difficult to book) Esperas Traditional Houses.  We loved our stay there.  We were nervous that by making Santorini our first stop in Greece we would set the bar way too high for the rest of our trip.  This hotel made me even more nervous.  How could the rest of our trip possibly compete with a hotel with the above view and a schedule where our only “must-do” everyday was to enjoy a view of the caldera and sunset over a glass of white wine?

And what we did before this pressing daily appointment?  Well, we managed to fill our time walking around, eating, checking out the caldera, eating, a little pool time, and just to round out the day, eating one last time.

There were quite a few highlights from a culinary standpoint and I included a couple of our favorites in my recommendations below, but it seems hard to go horribly wrong in Greece.   Fava bean puree, incredible seafood, eggplant prepared in the most unforgettable ways; Mr. KC and I always just ordered a few small plates and shared–it was perfect.  And the coffee, oh, the iced coffee…how has iced coffee not made its way to the rest of Europe?  I think Greece could get itself out of debt just by taking their barista skills on the road for some field training on how to make killer cold coffee drinks.

Santorini was incredible and worth all of its hype.  In fact, remembering our time there just might have ruined me for the rest of December.  If only there was a rewind button on my life remote.  It definitely set the bar very high for the rest of our trip, but believe it out not our next stop was even more unforgettable.    Next week I promise to post about the island that amazed us even more.

Planning a trip to Santorini?  KC recommends…

Esperas Traditional Houses:  Staying in Oia was a splurge, but worth every penny.  Call ahead to reserve a room at this hotel.  It’s the only hotel in Oia (from my research) with views of the caldera and sunset.

Red Bicycle: Mr. KC and I dined here our first night without reservations, but would recommend reservations for parties of two or more.  The patio has breathtaking views from virtually every angle.  Highly recommend the fresh pasta.

Roka: Rustic, good food.  Don’t expect frills here, but do expect a meal that goes lighter on your wallet than most Santorini bills.



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