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herbal tea

August 25, 2010

I’m probably too old to start sentences with the phrase “When I grow up…”, but I still do.  For instance, when I grow up, I would like to know a thing or two about gardening because right now, I suck at it.  I always tell myself that if I had the right yard, or perhaps if I had a larger patio things would be different.  Truth be told though, I’m not good at it, because I’m not good at keeping up with it.  Pruning, watering, all those things that come with gardening just don’t do it for me.  Perhaps what I  need to grow is some patience.

But, I love growing mint.  It’s a plant that requires little tending and grows like a weed because…well, it’s a weed.  Brilliant.  A yummy, fragrant weed.  Of all the plants I bought at the beginning of summer to plant as an herb garden, it’s the only one that has grown to be 10 times its original size, requiring not one, not two, but three replantings.

And what I do with all this mint?  Lots.  I put it in salads, in pastas, in desserts, on berries, and now…in tea.  I’d been meaning to make some sunbrewed tea for some time, but we’ve been short on sun here in der Schweiz.  When it finally made a guest appearance this weekend, I jumped at the opportunity.

Herbal tea is easy and best of all the option are limitless.  Herbs plus water.  Sun does the rest.  I’ve read in a few places that a good rule of thumb for herb:water ratio is about 1 cup herbs to 4 cups water.  For this recipe, I used a jug that holds exactly 8 cups of water, so all in all I used 2 cups of various herbs and it worked out beautifully.  Add a simple syrup to sweeten and you have summer in a jar.

sunbrewed herbal tea


  • 3/4 cup peppermint
  • 3/4 cup moroccan mint
  • 1/4 cup chopped ginger
  • 1/4 cup lemon peel
  • 8 cups water


  1. If using your garden herbs, make sure to give them a good wash.
  2. Add herbs to jug, top with water and cover.
  3. Cover with a snug lid.
  4. Leave in sunny spot for 8 hours.
  5. Strain out herbs and place jug in fridge to chill.
  6. Enjoy with plenty of ice and simple syrup (or agave nectar).
3 Comments leave one →
  1. August 26, 2010 11:45 am

    I LOVE THIS RECIPE and your photos are stunning – they look so crisp and refreshing!
    🙂 Mandy

  2. September 29, 2010 6:17 am

    wow i’ve never heard of sun brewed tea before. It looks really good. Too bad the sun is slipping away here in alberta

    • September 29, 2010 9:17 am

      Yes, unfortunately, it’s a little on the late side, but there’s always next summer! 🙂

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