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august 1: schweizer bundesfeier

August 2, 2010

Mr. KC and I have somehow managed to miss the Swiss National Day every year since moving here.  Between work trips and vacation, we’ve missed it until this year.  We were excited to wake up to amazingly beautiful day and took advantage of the weather to enjoy a boat ride to my favorite “local” mountain, Rigi.

Breakfast of the August 1st brotli

An hour’s boat ride with views like this.

And then a cog ride up the mountain.

For views like this

And to eat lunch in the company of a goat

yes, that's a goat being fed fries

We made our way back to Luzern with high hopes of barbeques, wine and fireworks, but sadly, mother nature had other plans for us.  Torrential rains and lightening came through right as fireworks time approached.  With that said, given the current weather patterns, it almost seemed more appropriate to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned summer storm than a clear summer evening.

Guess we’ll have to wait until next year to catch the big show.

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