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swiss saturdays: a dog paradise

August 1, 2010

I’m that girl.  That girl that can’t see a dog without resorting to some weird baby-voice and staring.  Moving here, I loved that dogs were everywhere. Unless they’re selling fresh foods (i.e. the grocery store) dogs are allowed.  What a novelty!

I’m used to the U.S. where dogs are confined only to “doggie-approved” areas.  Once,  while visiting home (Chicago), I was cooking and realized we were out of something.  Thankfully we have a kick-a** little boutique food shop where I can pop in.  I though “aw, wouldn’t it be nice to bring the pooch” and what pooch doesn’t love a walk?  So, I put the leash on her, walking over to the store and with leash in hand, asked “Are dogs allowed in?  I’m just quickly grabbing something.”  The response “As long as you can carry her, it’s fine.”

I thought for a moment and figured…eh, what’s 60 lbs?  I leaned down, picked up this poor unsuspecting boxer and walked in the store.  I thought the shopkeeper was going to wet herself.  She quickly clarified that she basically meant dogs that fit in bags.  Oops.  She was kind enough to go find the item I needed, ring me up and make change from the doorway and all the while, this little poochie was happy to be there for the ride. No clue that the person walking her was apparently a nit-wit.

Months later that same boxer came to stay with us in Switzerland  for a few weeks and she was beside herself happy that she could go everywhere we could: restaurants, bars, trains, buses.  Everywhere.  Dogs can even get their own bus and train passes…how adorable is that?  And it’s loads easier on the back, let me tell you.

enjoying an after-work walk

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