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swiss saturdays: please drink the water

July 24, 2010

After several mishaps and lessons learned the hard way while traveling, there are a series of questions that I always look to answer before going to a new country.

  1. Who and how much do I tip?
  2. Can I trust the police?  (I thankfully haven’t had my own run-in, but have had plenty of friends who have)
  3. Can I drink the water?

I’ve already covered tipping in Switzerland, I can assure you, you can trust the police, and when it comes to the water, I can give you a resounding yes.  We have special filters on our taps in the office, which always shocks me a little given that the water seems and tastes amazingly fresh.  One of my favorite things about Switzerland, in fact, are the drinking fountains.  They’re not your typical playground drinking fountains I grew up with in the States.  They’re generally beautiful structures that look like they’re designed for more aesthetic purposes than functional, but don’t let looks fool you.  Grab your water bottle and enjoy a nice ice-cold bottle of mountain spring water.  It beats the heck out of buying water from the store.

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