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how a gps can save your marriage

April 8, 2010

Or at least your vacation.  I’d like to introduce you to Jill.  She doesn’t have a degree in counseling; she has something better, a magical chip that tells you where you are and where to go.  Jill is the name of the voice we use on our GPS, a gift from Mr. KC’s parents this Christmas.

Living in the bulls-eye of Europe means “easy” access to wine country in Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy.  BUT, there’s a catch. It’s nearly impossible to find it.  I’m convinced that people have turned signs around or even just stolen them entirely to trick us foreigners and make us want to give up, go home and leave the beautiful countryside to its citizens.  On a recent weekend trip last October a typical conversation would go like this:

Mr. KC: I don’t think we’re going the right way.

Me: Well, the directions said to turn here.

Mr. KC: What does the map say?

Me: I don’t know, I was just reading the directions.

Mr. KC: Well, can you look at the map?

Me: FINE!  But it’s not going to help much since we don’t know where we are.

…and scene.  Well, not really, it’s normally only downhill from there mostly due to me not being a good map reader under pressure.

Needless to say the next trip, we rented a GPS.  It was like magic.  No more bickering, no more huffing and no more frustrated u-turns. What a difference a 4.3 inch device could make.

I held off for a long time on admitting these items had value.  We were the curmudgeons asking “What’s wrong with just getting their the old-fashioned way?” while shaking our canes at the young whipper snappers driving by too quickly, playing music too loudly.  And now as the proud owners of one, we just bicker about where to go for lunch.

“Where should we go?”

“I don’t know where do you want to go?”

“I’m asking you what you feel like, you don’t have a preference?”

“Whatever, I’ll go where you want to go…”

Thanks, Jill!

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