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my chicago–part 3 “other”

January 25, 2010

I’m not sure there is anyway that you could find a better name than “other” for a post that covers hair cuts, threading and aquariums, so we’ll just be happy with “other”.

Sine Qua Non Lakeview

I’ve gone as long as 5 months without a hair cut knowing that I had a trip to Chicago on the horizon.  In fact, it’ll be 3 months by the time I make my way to Chicago and I have every intention of waiting off on a trim yet again.   Three locations, but two stars: Kristen and Summer.  One cuts at Lakeview, one in Lincoln Park.  Summer is tough to book, which is how I’ve found my way to Kristen on more than one occassion, but Summer is a genius with curly hair and those are hard to find.

When I look back at photos from high school, I wish someone had taken me aside, introduced me to a pair of tweezers and taught me how much better life was with a well groomed brow.  Or better yet, I wish Amy from Nail Bar had been around.  I was introduced to threading in Boston when I came to find a woman who worked magic with a single thread.  Shortly after, Nail Bar on Southport started to offer the same service and I’ve returned ever since.  How can one itty bitty piece of thread create such perfect brows is less than 5 minutes?  It just doesn’t seem right.  So, ditch the hot wax (which can apparently leave permanent skin damage) and find a threader.  You won’t regret it.

KC note: Anyone who tells you that it doesn’t hurt is lying in hopes of getting you to try it.  It goes.  But someone it’s all worth it and the first time is always the worst.

Chicago's Shedd Aquarium

I love aquariums.  I’ve yet to find an aquarium that I don’t love.  Unless you count the chinese restaurant down the street from us, which by technical standards might be considered an aquarium.  That one’s not that great.  The Shedd Aquarium though lands a solid spot on my “favorite places to wander aimlessly for hours” list.

There are lots of museums and tourist attractions people are more likely to go to in Chicago:  Sears Tower; Art Institute (which does have a cool new modern wing); Museum of Contemporary Art; Millenium Park.  So, why the Shedd?  Because it not only transports you to another place, but also another time.  I turn about 10 years old going in and feel like I’m walking through an ocean in half the exhibits.  It’s oceanarium isn’t amazing, but it’s setting right on the lake makes it feel endless.  Walk out the doors of the aquarium and you have one of the best spots to take lake-side photos of Chicago’s skyline.

What’s there not to love?

So, there you go.  My Chicago.  The premier hair-cutting-eye-brow-shaping-aquarium destination in the United States.

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