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a swiss chocolate worthy of praise

December 15, 2009

After almost 2.5 years living here and countless snide remarks about how the Swiss just can’t compete with the French on anything made in a kitchen, chocolate included, Max Chocolatier comes into my life.  So, until I find someone that bumps Max out of this spot, I’m placing him at the top of my list of chocolates the Swiss should be proud of and the French nervous of.

The store is easy to miss (and has been missed by almost every person that I’ve told to go visit) since it looks more like an extension of the Hermes down the street.  Once inside though, your eyes double in size at the possibilities.  Chocolate covered tahitian vanilla caramels with fleur de sel?  Say that 10 times fast.  Or even just the once.

Regardless of how you say it, the only appropriate response is a resounding…YES, please.  And one of everything else for that matter.  I tried to get away with just buying a small box, but apparently the rest of the world beat me to it and they were out.  So, I splurged and left with the large box.  I won’t gush about how unbelievably perfect they were, how the caramel was neither too creamy nor too grainy (ahem, Teuscher) or how the sprinkling of salt was in perfect balance with the chocolate.  No, I won’t go on about any of that.  I’ll hint at it so you don’t feel so guilty coughing up 30 francs for a box (I know, not exactly recession friendly).  And I certainly won’t admit to how long the box lasted, or better put how long it didn’t last.

Like everything in Switzerland though, you get what you pay for.  So, if you’re even remotely close to the continent of Europe, run don’t walk to buy your box to enjoy along the lake in the Christmas wonderland that is Lucerne.  And if you’re not close?  Well, buy a plane ticket.  Kids, it’s just that good.

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