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kc goes to lugano

October 29, 2009


This summer and early fall, we’ve been trying to be better about enjoying short weekend trips in and around Switzerland.  A few weeks ago, we finally made it down the Italian-speaking bit of Switzerland.  So nice to actually be able to effectively communicate with people.  The weather that met us was more Luzern than Lake Como, but it was beautiful nonetheless.  It was just one night (turns out this area of the world makes Luzern look cheap), and the next day was a mix of sunshine in clouds. Just enough to give us a glimpse of what the allure of these lakes truly is.

With this said, I can’t help but think that George, Brad and company don’t come down here for the views, the real estate or the swimming.  No, it clearly is a spot to  enjoy the wonderful foods of Italy along with the standard of living of Switzerland.  Definitely worth another visit.

We enjoyed coffee breaks whenever we wanted and regretted the fact that the coffee seemed to “disappear” so quickly.


The best dressed windows weren’t those of the high-end designers (of which there were many), but were those of the pastry shops and butchers.  Somehow spending 20 francs on 100 grams of prosciutto seemed to make sense here.


And, of course, we tested the tried and true idea that speaking Italian is much much easier when eating gelato (it’s true).  The below is a dark chocolate sorbet with a straciatella gelato.  The straciatella was good, but the dark chocolate sorbet was unbelievable.  Worth the train ride down there just to get again.


Although the city itself is a pleasant and beautiful 3-hour train ride away, it seemed like we escaped to another country.  I was sad to leave after just one night, but happy knowing that I was bringing back a magazine that would help me recreate my own personal corner of Ticino at home.  (Finally a city where I can buy a cooking magazine and understand what it says!)


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