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swiss chocolate review…the search continues

October 27, 2009

As a resident of of Switzerland, I consider it a responsibility, even a duty, to love the famous Swiss chocolates.  However, I’ve mentioned previously (at the risk of being blasphemous) that I just don’t understand why chocolate is mentioned on the list of things Switzerland is known for.  I have felt that the French (and the Belgians and a few small American chocolatiers for that matter) beat them, hands down.  But I’m a lady of conviction and am determined that there must be some chocolate out there that is giving Switzerland its good name in this competitive arena.

So, during an afternoon in Zurich, I made a stop at the acclaimed Teuscher chocolate shop.  The interior is a little over the top.  It has that sought after look that can only be achieved by taking one thousand Easter baskets and blowing them up.  I went for a small box of their chocolate covered creme caramels and a bar of dark chocolate with chilis.  Both personal favorites of mine.


The verdict?  For the price, it’s gets an “OK”, at best.  The caramels were hit or miss.   A few of them were super grainy and even those with a nice, smooth consistency seemed to lack a deep caramel flavor.  The chocolate with chili was nice, but again not as exciting as I had hoped.

Feeling slightly disappointed, we continued our wandering through the street of Zurich and came upon a really small shop with an overabundance of chocolates.  Most were from France and Belgium, but found a few from Switzerland that looked interesting.  We picked up two bars made by Nobile.  For the sake of testing, I kept to the chocolate with chili theme and mixed it up a bit with one that looked really interesting:  saffron and pistachios.


So did we find “the one”?  No.  The peperoncino bar was quite good.  Very subtle upfront, but fiery on the back end.  The kind of chocolate where one piece is enough…for a least a few minutes.  The saffron, on the other hand, was nothing short of horrible.  It tasted quite literally like I ate a handful of saffron.  Not exactly what you look for in a chocolate bar or anything for that matter.

So, the search continues…


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