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valrhona found

September 22, 2009

Turn to the person next to you.  Ask them what they think of when they think of Switzerland.  Any one of the following things could be muttered:  cheese, cows, clocks, neutrality, sketchy banking systems, and the list goes on.  Undoubtedly, chocolate would inevitably be mentioned among them.

Now, at the risk of losing my auslaenderausweis (visa), I’m going to go ahead and say what I’ve felt since I arrived here.  Switzerland chocolate is fine, but I’m not writing postcards about it.  There.  Done.  For knock-my-socks-off chocolate, I’ll take the train to France.  And while I’m there, I’ll pick up some butter too.

Now, with this confession off my chest, I can say this.  While aimlessly wandering about with Mr. KC this weekend, we came across a little shop that for the most part was home to the most overly priced chocolate I’ve seen.  For a second I thought most bars were chocolate covered gold, but then when getting ready to give up hope for the weekend’s baking projects, there it was…

Valrhona Chocolate

18chf is nothing to scoff at, but for a half kilo bag of Valrhona chocolate in a country where 20,000chf seems reasonable for a watch, I’ll take it!  And so I did.  Very gladly.  Last bag, in fact, which somehow always makes the purchase a little bit sweeter.


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